ninja guide

April 17, 2009

If you would like to become a ninja this is the best guide.

The only way to get belt and becaome a ninja is to Play Card Jitsu.

1. First you must go to the dojo. It is located at the top of your map.Dojo In Map

2.  You will appear at a large Dojo. Walk inside and click the pillow that is underneath the Red Tower.An old gray penguin will appear out of smoke like this.


NOTE:The Card-Jitsu maps are not very good for earning belts. Instead, click the Sensei (The old gray penguin) and talk to him.  He will give you a starter deck.

3.Click Competition Mode for the best way to earn belts.

3. When you face your opponent you will have cards with fire, water and ice. All cards are labeled with numbers and colors. card-to-pick

Use the higher numbered cards for better results and faster belt-earning.

4. Here is a card tutorial:

Water Beats Fire.


Fire Beats Ice


Snow Beats Water


5.  To win a match you must use 1Fire,1ater,1Ice or 3 of the same  kind but they MUST be Different colors. These combinations will NOT win.



Here are all the colors of the belts and what you need to do to win the matches. ( It takes a certain amount of wins to receive your belts )

Below is the full list of belts colors and the wins it takes to get them:

White belt – 4-6 wins

Yellow belt – About 7-12 more wins

Orange belt – About 8-13 more wins

Green belt – About 9-14 more wins

Blue belt – About 10-15 more wins

Red belt – About 12-16 more wins

Purple belt – About 13-17 more wins

Brown belt – About 11-18 more wins

Black belt – About 14-20 more wins.

These are the best guesses I got but only apply in Competition Mode.

How To Beat Sensei

Sensei is very hard to beat at first but don’t give up. He will eventually lose. Just keep playing him.

Beat Sensei = About 4-7 Tries

The Abilities Of Ninjas

When you have beaten Sensei you will recive a Ninja Mask.

Ninja Mask

With this you can enter the secret Ninja Hideout called the Flying Flippers Emporium. Here you can challenge other ninjas in Card-Jitsu but best of all (If you a member) you can buy some items from the catalog.

First, if you buy the ninja costume for 1,000 coins you can do this dance.

Ninaj Dance

There are other items to buy.

Dojo Igloo : 5,000 Coins


Rice Wallpaper : 500 Coins


Stone Lanters : 575 Coins


Hand Gong: 400 Coins


Go Train,Fire,Water,Snow
This Is The Way Of Ninja
Your Journeys First Step…
P.S i got this from capn skyes site

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2 Responses to “ninja guide”

  1. 1 my friend is toilet9
    April 28, 2009 at 3:59 am

    belts are good…
    … but ninjas are better

  2. 2 patr1ck
    April 29, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    im almost a ninja!

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